What is a Scripture Levite?


     A Scripture Levite is a person who makes Learning Scriptures an important devotion for their lives (Psalm 119:11) and to apply it within church worship experiences( Worship Services,Sunday School, Bible Study and YPWW).The Ministry involves every person within the Church. Scripture Levites do the following:


1.  Memorize Scripture


2 . Carry the word of God in their heart and obey it


3.  Study the word of God daily


4.  Apply the word to their lives daily


5.  Think on the word daily


*****Scripture Levites meet monthly for Fellowship and Scripture Practice and Review ******


(Materials can be produced by each Organization)



The ministry can be used in the Local Church Assembly and Beyond


1.  Quote scriptures for Call to Worship


2.  Quote scripture from Old and New Testament during Worship Service(individual or group)


3.  Perform Scripture Challenge Competition within local church Activity(Jurisdiction Activities/National)


4.  Performing Art Drama performance using only scriptures for the performance


5.  Testimonial Celebration Scripture Shout Out activity

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