History of the Scripture Levite Ministry


     The inception of this ministry was birthed (2004) in the Heart of Pastor Tony Simmons while attending a Church convention in Los Angeles California(AIM Convention). While coming to a session that was unplanned, Pastor Simmons notice four young men all dressed alike quoting scriptures. Pastor Simmons was so in awe of the memorization skills, that he decided to bring this ministry back to his Church and implement it. Not knowing what to call it, he was impressed of the Lord to call it Scripture Levite Ministry.


     From Pastor Simmons youth, he had always tried to make scripture memorization an important part of his lifestyle of worship. He decided to implement this ministry not only for the youth of his Church to learn it but to make it important for everybody and all ages. This is what God began to share with him regarding this ministry. God began to share with him how scriptures can be a important part of the worship experience from Call to Worship, Plays and Drama and more importantly Personal Devotion in their everyday life. Having a relationship with God mean that a person must be intimate with knowing God's incredible word.


     One day while working on how to structure the program for the church that God began to share with him a organized program that was incentive based and utilizing cell group leadership format to break down the whole church to learn the word in a enjoyable way that would make each believer hungry for God's Word. Pastor Simmons started having a desire to share it with others. While attending the 2009 Holy Convocation in Memphis, He was allowed a opportunity to share this ministry with the Presiding Bishop Charles E Blake of the COGIC. Bishop Blake wrote a letter to expressed to Pastor Simmons that this idea would benefit our entire Church(under the banner of the International Sunday School Department lead by Bishop Alton Gatlin).


   It is this birthing that Pastor Simmons believes that God has this ministry on the cutting edge to getting people to love God. As a leader and Pastor, we should encourage persons within our ministry to Love God by Loving his word.

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